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Another Successful F&B establishment: Umami 10, a European Inspired Japanese Cuisine

We have always been explorative on different bold and daring finishes to integrate into our designs. Here is a close-up shot of out metallic gold 3D wall panel finish at our recently completed European inspired Japanese restaurant Umami 10.

Nestled in a cluster of historical shophouses in Singapore, Umami 10 is a restaurant serving European inspired Japanese cuisine.

The team designed the interior to reflect the personality of the Chef-owner Mark. This, paired with his culinary skills of an award-winning chef, the space comes to life and create a unique dining experience. The primary plan for the design was to create an unassuming entrance with slight visual ques to pique the interests of passers-by. The inquisitive nature of humans is something we wanted to tap into. We wanted our creation for the entrance to be a gentle welcoming visual wave to invite people in to explore. The entrance glass panels were tinted to the right level of opacity just to achieve that.

The ambience and experience we have created here at Umami 10 is one that engages your senses. An array of different textures and materials, layered with design elements not only brings this space to life, and complimented with an open kitchen, dining in Umami 10 is one of sensory engaging orchestra.

The unit we had to work with was an elongated space which was rather narrow and deep. Towards the rear, which was behind the over-the-counter dining experience; the space was planned for a more standard dining layout. To introduce fluidity and an ever-changing user experience, we had planned for an art gallery where local artists can showcase their artwork. These art pieces can be purchased by diners if they happen to see one that they like, this also supports and encourage the local art scene.