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Launch of the 2nd and 3rd establishment of Mr. Benz Hui and Ms. Charmaine Hui’s F&B

YWA Interior is very honoured and happy to have completed yet another project for Ms. Charmaine Hui, daughter of HK actor Mr. Benz Hui.

Having successfully completed the first Bakeaholic establishment in Springside Singapore, YWA Interior was again the selected professional interior design firm to take the project from inception to completion. Ms. Charmaine Hui who originally started her baking journey at home, saw good response with orders of her bakes.

Here is what Charmaine has to say:

YWA and their designers made starting a business so much easier! The efficiency and accuracy of the ideal design for my cafe is ridiculously impressive after just one conversation. They are extremely helpful and made the experience smooth and relaxing. This is definitely a tailor-made experience, and I would go back to them with other projects without a doubt.

Nothing comes more heart-warming for a designer than seeing a space we designed being inhabited and enjoyed by people. We are so happy that the cafes and their design has been featured on many magazines and articles since their launch.

F&B Bakeaholic II is where a deeper touch of the original design concept shines through. The idea was to create the experience of dining in a cavern. Here, the projector comes to play – it gives a simulated close-to-nature atmosphere when patrons dine in. The ever-changing images projected onto the wall creates a different sensory experience each time, inspired by the four seasons.
The ceiling light feature is a Bakeaholic signature and highlight – to add value to the space in an organic direction.

F&B JuJuzen ‘s design approach had to be versatile and adaptive to three settings as the outlet would serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with very different ambience. In the evening, the space had to function as a playful bar space attracting an entirely different crowd.

Taking inspiration from Hong Kong, the design is an interpretation of some local traditional F&B settings with a modern-day twist.

We are honoured, grateful and proud to have been the preferred team to design and deliver all 3 outlets.