Cafe Bakeaholic Springleaf

Site Area

1,155 sqft


Commercial, F&B


Interior Design



Project Info

For this café design, our proposal centred around the concept of simplicity with a mix of playfulness. Working hand in hand with the business owner Charmaine Hui who is the daughter of renowned Hong Kong actor Benz Hui, we dove deep into her approach to baking and the passion behind her delightful creations.

The proposed finishes as well as elements conceptually reflects her hands-on exploratory approach to baking all from basic raw materials. Playful murals on the walls reflect the tedious process of kneading the dough leading up to the creative masterpieces served on the specifically selected terrazzo topped tables. Terrazzo was the obvious choice to represent the crumbs when one deconstructs the carefully crafted bakes for consumption.

Project Gallery

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