Casa Santuario

Site Area

3754 sqft X 2







Project Info

Nestled side by side, a pair of light luxury contemporary semi-detached houses stand as elegant exemplars of modern design. These homes embrace the art of subtle sophistication, using screens and timber to craft spaces that exude warmth and style.

The facades are adorned with sleek timber panels, their rich, earthy tones harmonizing with the natural surroundings. These panels are interspersed with delicate screens, creating an interplay of light and shadow that dances across the exterior, lending an air of mystery and allure.

Upon entering, one is greeted by an open-plan layout bathed in natural light, streaming through large, strategically placed windows. The screens continue their dance indoors, providing a delicate balance of privacy and openness, allowing for intimate spaces that still feel connected to the whole.

Together, these semi-detached houses embody a refined simplicity, where screens and timber intertwine to create sanctuaries of understated luxury and contemporary charm.

Target Completion in 2025

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