Duo Residences

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818 sqft




Interior Design



Project Info

Duo Abode is a luxury apartment located along beach road. The owners have approached us to re-create the ambience and feel of a high-end luxury service apartment with the challenge of accommodating a myriad of functions. Innovative storage solutions by our design team were critical to ensure that the space could serve its functions while also having the capability to have everything tucked away as the home owners often entertain guests at home.

Mirrors were introduced into the design strategy with the intent to improve the visual impact on the space. Placed in the right locations, they make the small apartment feel larger than it actually is. 

Unbeknownst to visitors to the apartment, the space has many hidden functions such as the laundry, hidden mahjong table, work-from-home space and many carefully designed built in features that maximizes the unit. While achieving an aesthetically pleasing outcome, the space is actually very utilitarian. 

International Muse Design Awards 2022 – Gold Winner (Living Spaces)
International Muse Design Awards 2022 – Silver Winner (Bedrooms)
International Muse Design Awards 2022 – Silver Winner (Residential)

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