Giardino Velato

Site Area

3013 sqft X 2




Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering



Project Info

Giardino Velato as the name suggests, is a pair of two storey with attic and basement semi detached dwelling designed to be a veiled garden. Amidst the bustling world lies a hidden sanctuary, a house crafted as a secret garden, a haven to retreat to. Enveloped by lush greenery, it whispers tales of tranquility and solitude. The facade, unassuming and serene, conceals a realm where nature and architecture dance in harmonious symphony. Inside, sunlight filters through large, leafy windows, casting dappled patterns on the wooden floors. Every room breathes with life, adorned with flora that whispers soft lullabies to soothe the soul. Here, time slows, and the world outside fades away, leaving only the gentle embrace of nature’s serenity.

Target Completion in 2025

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