Jalan Mastuli

Site Area

1,800 sqft


Landed, Residential




Kovan, Singapore

Project Info

The design language of this architecture lies at the heart of connectivity, with the flight of stairs serving as the main conduit of conveying information and encouraging communication across the entire space. The usage of interesting geometric shapes and a monochromatic colour scheme not only fosters familial and spatial interactivity but also increases light flow to the entire place.

With the concept of simplicity and contemporary design, the house is designed with a row of sky lights that allow indirect sunlight to illuminate and permeate the heart of this dwelling.

The façade is created for an uninterrupted view of the garden lawn with a full height windowpane that allows one to experience the relaxing effect of the garden presented before oneself without actually being in the garden. A sheltered balcony takes its place in the attic, exuding an unassuming but calm and quiet personality.

Project Gallery

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