Casa Neoclassica @ Joo Chiat Place

Site Area

2,357 sqft


Landed, Residential




Joo Chiat, Singapore

Project Info

Situated in the east side of Singapore, this bespoke Neo-classical house is a new erection designed to our client’s custom brief. A central air well was introduced to ensure good cross ventilation for all the spaces within.
The owners wanted to reminisce about their holidays and they had a particular style that was etched in their memory in one of their travels abroad. They showed us the photo and immediately we identified it to be of a neo classical style architecture. The internal layout and spatial planning were designed around the family’s lifestyle, preferences and habits.

The impression we had when we first visited the original house was that the place was very open and spaces were very engaging. It was very evident that the family was very close knit and engaged in a lot of family activities. They had a wide variety of pets as well. There was in fact a point in time where we almost proposed a bird sanctuary enclosure spanning three floors. What we have ultimately accomplished was a house where natural ventilation functions extremely well with a central open air well. All rooms open into this air well with a open air corridor where there is visual connection throughout the floors. The one thing we did not want the home to lose was the togetherness that the family had. This is often a phenomenon that could happen when a house is expanded upwards and family members are more sparsely distributed throughout the floors.

The outdoor dining sits adjacent to the swimming pool which the family has expressed much love for as the feel and ambience is unlike the typical long lap pools that most houses now have. The entire experience is engaging as there are planters along the pool and carved art installations specially flown in from bali, the swim is an enjoyable and relaxing one.

The overall planning of spaces and functions were designed around the strengths of the site and its orientation. The homeowners now enjoy an amazing view on all balconies and a great laundry space on the top floor. 

Completed: 2023

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