Lentor Hills Residences 2+Study Show Unit

Site Area

753 sqft




Interior Design



Project Info

The 2 + Study showflat unit at Lentor Hills Residences designed by YWA was designed with the concept of healthy living in mind. Often, healthy living is associated with fitness and sports; however in this case we wanted to focus on a more holistic approach to healthy living with considerations of rest and relaxation in mind. With this approach at the core of our design concept, we brought the lush greenery indoors while also playing our little part in re populating our urban city with indoor plants. Timber and warm tones are used generously in this home, providing the connection to nature, re-connecting us with our natural habitat.

Breaking away from the hard straight lines that often manifest most of our homes, layers of curves 
were introduced into the design composition with an intent of biomimicry. Like the layers of foliage in the forest, forms take shape in an organic and natural manner.

International Muse Design Awards 2023 – Gold Winner (Living Spaces)
International Muse Design Awards 2023 – Silver Winner (Residential)

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