Maison Forteresse

Site Area

4,100 sqft


Landed, Residential


Architectural, Structural & Interior



Project Info

The front facade caters to the homeowners’ need for privacy from the road, yet stepping inside reveals an open floor plan that extends to views of treetop canopies at the dining hall towards the back of the property, thanks to the terraced land that slopes significantly from front to back.

As you traverse the main axis of the floor plan, an air well strategically positioned to promote cross ventilation and natural light penetration into the deep plot is crafted with a dynamic opening that animates across the floors. This space breaks away from the linear design of the rest of the house, captivating attention with its evolving form.

Specific areas feature large panel glass and full-height windows to capture the site’s beauty, facilitating natural airflow and flooding the interiors with daylight.

Inside, a warm and cozy minimalist aesthetic prevails, characterized by contrasting black elements in spaces like the dry kitchen, entertainment room, and master bedroom, set against lighter-toned floors, walls, and ceilings. This bold contrast celebrates the allure of dark interior spaces, softened by the introduction of timber accents that add a touch of warmth.

Completed 2024

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