Punggol Lighthouse

Site Area

21,541 sqft







Project Info

The intent of the space was for the youth of the community. YWA has a strong desire to create spaces that are individualistic and bold. We see crafting unique user experiences as an integral part of our design process. We have various past works that are designed to speak to the younger generation and we do have a good understanding of what a space dedicated to the youth encompasses.

The composition and placement of the containers underwent a strategic and creative thought process to create usable spaces of good size for the main functions while considering its interconnectivity, natural air flow, circulation, orientation and incidental spaces created. One container in particular was installed at an incline stacked on top of another to create our interpretation of a lighthouse. A lightbox is created at the peak of the inclined container by having intended cut outs. 

The overall programming of the spaces played to the topography of the plot as it slopes downwards towards the road junction, we had taken advantage of this level difference to locate the incidental stage towards the road junction. Where events could be held and the public could populate the lower ground to watch a performance or speech. This primary orientation was also most ideal as the projected sounds form any event would be directed away from the residential blocks that were immediately adjacent to The Lighthouse.

Project Gallery

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