Shin Terroir

Site Area

1,055 sqft


Commercial, F&B


Interior Design



Project Info

An exquisite omakase restaurant along Tras Street in Singapore serving up yakitori paired with a unique dining experience designed by the team at YWA Interior.

Enter Shin Terroir and be absolutely immersed with sophistication experienced through their earnestly innovated line of traditional skewers and our thoughtfully designed space engages you with specially curated finishes and details. The outcome is a carefully orchestrated ballad where culinary and design creativity was choreographed from day one.

For first time visitors to this establishment, they might often find themselves at a loss as to where the entrance to the restaurant is. Situated at the rear courtyard, it is meant to be discreet and mysterious. Patrons will first enter through a short flight of steps into a quaint courtyard which is hard to come by. Designed as a transitional space for patrons to leave their hustle and bustle behind before they enter into the main dining area.

“The Hidden Courtyard”
Courtyards are common in conservation shophouses. Not many had an existing tree, it provided shelter as well as a natural mystical presence in the evening. What was even better was the fact that it was a end corner shophouse that had a wide footpath. We saw the opportunity to create a hidden entrance from the rear that would take patrons through the courtyard garden. Although fleeting, but it added that sense of exploration.

“Omakase Counter”
The grill, where the magic happens; take center stage. Specially selected and flewn in from Japan, is the heart of this open kitchen. The design and planning of the lights were also painstakingly planned in order to dramatize the dining expereince. Ensuring the smoke rising from the grill is visible and while the rest of the dining space is dimly lit, the food served is always glistening when placed before the patrons.

Diving deep into understanding how the chef would serve their grill, our design intent was to create an actual stage for the plating of the grilled yakitori skewers. A raised and illuminated catwalk was created with back lit stone.

“The Table”
The table finish selected has the patterns of a Damascus steel. This can often be seen in the forget steel of blades.

“Shou Sugi Ban”
The interior is covered with a dark timber finish as the main fuel for the dining experience is coal flewn in from Japan. These coal are not just any charcoal, they were carefully selected from the types of trees they came from to how they were prepared and burn at a higher temperature for a longer period of time. Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese method of charring the surface to preserve wood. We felt it was only fitting to carry this into the space.

The private dining room has a window that peers into the courtyard, which gives the space a visual extension and connectivity for diners to continue to appreciate the ambience in the evening. The carefully selected exotic wallpaper and dining lamp is what gives this space its allure. Venture deeper into the restaurant and you would find the very private and cozy drinking lounge. A large plush banquette lines the wall of this cozy space, making it a lounge where you can truly kick back and enjoy a good conversation over a bottle of exquisite wine. 

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