The Banana Leaf Apolo

Site Area

1,496 sqft


Commercial, F&B


Interior Design



Project Info

The Banana Leaf Apolo is a popular food chain established in 1974. A popular choice for many craving to have good Indian food served on banana leaf. With every project, we take pride in understanding a brand’s history, branding and requirements.

The proposed design aims to provide an elevated dining experience that compliments the excellent food served while telling a story of brand history and future aspirations. Patrons sit within a designer’s contemporary take of dining under a canopy of trees. Not just any canopy but a luxurious palace foliage. The brass arches installed are almost like a window portal that one can peer into a magical kingdom.

If one were to sit and admire the space, they can almost slowly visually peel through the layers of design playfully applied to the space.

Project Gallery

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