Accredited Interior Designer Class 1 – ID1

The new accreditation put in place by Singapore Interior Design Accreditation Council is a much welcomed change in the interior design industry. The rigorous assessments and requirements ensure interior designers that are accredited have met the minimum requirements for each class of practitioner. YWA Interior spearheaded by founder Tan Yue Wei who is an architect by profession have long adopted many professional standards and practice protocols in the operations of the interior design team. This is inspired by his experience in the architectural profession where he has managed project scales with sums up to $300 million Singapore dollars. He believes that clients regardless of project scale, size and budget deserve the same level of professionalism and structure for their projects. 

It is this dedication to proper structure, professionalism and ethical approach to every project by YWA Interior that has won them many returning and referred clients.

“It does not place us at a competitive position in terms of price due to the amount of time and effort dedicated to ensuring a project is well thought out and well managed. However, we are here to build a reliable and trusted brand therefore our works are appreciated by clients who believe in getting good value for good work. Part of this work is considering and advising clients on anticipated issues with good foresight and experience; this requires knowledge in professional practice requirements and authority compliance. Sometimes being straightforward is part of the process for taking care of our clients interests, these are things not all clients wish to hear; but we have to remain professional and ethical. Therefore i feel that this accreditation that SIDAC is pushing out is encouraging and a great move towards a more regulated interior design industry”

– Founding Director, Tan Yue Wei

YWA Interior has since obtained accreditation for Interior Designer Class 1 – ID1 which is the highest accreditation that can be achieved.