YWA Studio


Here at YWA, we believe that architecture is the art of achieving the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetical creativity and crafting experiential journeys. We enjoy the process of discovering your story and translating that into the spaces we create.




A feasibility study investigates, analyses and evaluates the potential of a site for its intended goals and purposes along with the confines of compliance to the relevant authority codes. This is often an important process in ascertaining the maximum potential of the site with massings and critical data.


Taking the project from brief establishment to understand our Client’s requirements, we develop the design from concept to schematic stages with different mediums such as physical study models, sketches, 3D software and 3D artist impressions. This is an important process to communicate our design proposal to our Clients.


There are many approvals and clearances required from an variety of authority departments in order to carry out construction works in Singapore. This process requires a registered architect to prepare and carry out the necessary documentation for each submission to the relevant departments. 


The proposed design goes through a rigorous development stage that will look at how all components come together and further enhanced to achieve a resolved design solution. This critical process involves the inclusion of well developed design details by our experienced team and bespoke design details specially designed for the project.


The tender process allows a fair comparison of costs and breakdowns based on a set of drawings. This ensures that the costs submitted are based on the same design specifications and quantity, achieving an apple-to-apple comparison for the works. We are able to invite builders with good track records as well as recommended builders from our Clients to take part in this tender process. We will evaluate, make recommendations and award the contract on behalf of the client.


Being the appointed architect, we act in your interest to manage the contract during the construction stage. Administering the building contract as the project lead, conducting regular site meetings, inspections and carrying out co-ordination works between the builder and other consultants to bring the project to completion and obtaining TOP/CSC.


YWA Studio was established by Tan Yue Wei, a registered architect and an accredited interior designer in Singapore. He is also a member of the Singapore Institute of Architects, Society of Singapore Interior Designer & Interior Design Confederation Singapore. A second generation in the built industry, he continues to deliver the same caliber of professional excellence to our valued clients. 

Yue Wei has extensive experience in project typologies such as luxury hospitality developments (hotels, resorts, marina clubs),  residential developments, mixed developments, light industrial developments, commercial developments and high end individual dwellings. 

The firm is known for crafting unique and individualistic architecture that is inspired by understanding the stories behind people or brands, spaces are always developed with a curated user experience journey in mind. The approach is almost poetic in a way that he wants the design to have a dialogue with the users, the conversation should engage one’s senses and emotions. It is also in his strong opinion that spaces that YWA designs are well thought out practically and it should bring about enhancements to its inhabitants during daily engagement and occupancy of the spaces. He is passionate about every single project taken on by the firm and takes pride in completing the job to the firm’s standards.



Regardless of the scale of project and typology, we believe in the delivery of professional work protocols and practices to ensure consistency in design excellence and contract management.

Finesse In

Design is nothing if not delivered in consideration of the details. Even the simplest of designs should deserve sophisticated details.


Whether you are in individual, or a corporate brand. We believe in getting to know you and your personality. Just like how every one is unique, we believe every project should be uniquely different and a translation of your DNA.


Rome was not built in a day, neither was our design DNA. We believe in constant growth and improvements. Building upon our past experiences and making every project better.


1. Do you take on any project and size?

Our team is equipped with the skills and experience to handle a wide range of project scale and size. To ensure and uphold the quality of works and professionalism dedicated to each client, we only take on a limited number of projects a year, thus we are not limited by the scale or size. However, we are selective on the projects we embark on. Kindly feel free to reach out to our friendly team and we will do our utmost best to schedule your project in.

2. You seem to have a wide range of design style and many are quite unique. Do you have a primary design style?

We do not. We focus primarily on design philosophy & approach; therefore, we are not tied down by design styles. We amplify uniqueness in individuality, crafting bespoke journeys through storytelling. Each project is different, the only one constant we strive to achieve is the quality of work we deliver.

3. How do we get started?

Working relationships are very important to us. We always believe that in-person meeting is key to a good kick-off. It allows us to not only capture the brief but alsounderstand, interpret and translate the personality and requirements of our clients. It is good to prepare a list of requirements, wants and needs, floor plan, target completion date and a target budgetary provision prior to the meeting.

4. Who will we be expecting to handle the projects?

Our team consists of only trained, skilled,  experienced & professional individuals who are specialised in this field. Being a part of a multi-disciplinary office, the team is exposed to different relevant fields of knowledge. Every individual handling your project will be a well-trained, qualified designer and project manager.

5. Who will select YWA Studio? Who will not?

Clients who are looking for a professional team that will take them through a well-planned and organised project journey, appreciate good design and quality of works, as well as understand the dedication the team will put into achieving the final outcome will find our team befitting for the role of design consultants.