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  • Representing Singapore on an International design stage, YWA brought home 5 gold at the Muse Design Awards 2023

Representing Singapore on an International design stage, YWA brought home 5 gold at the Muse Design Awards 2023

This year YWA Studio is very delighted to share that the team have brought home 5 gold awards at the International MUSE Design Awards 2023 in the following categories:

 – Architectural Design Hotels & Resorts (1 Gold)
    Project: De Prestigio Villa, Bali, Indonesia

–  Interior Design Residential (2 Gold)
   Projects: Lentor Hills Residences Show Unit & Midtown Bay Show Unit

– Interior Design Living Spaces (2 Gold)
   Projects: Lentor Hills Residences Show Unit & Midtown Bay Show Unit

We are extremely proud to be able to deliver design that is recognized on such an international level and to be able to compete with other leading design firms across the globe. The team has worked hard to deliver better and better projects which can be seen through their design concepts, design development as well as details. The fact that we have managed to be recognized for two years consecutively is extremely encouraging, it reaffirms our continuous efforts to evolve our design thinking and it reinvigorates the team to continue in our steadfast journey. In fact, we are extremely excited in a handful of projects that are underway for 2024. These projects are definitely not possible without clients who share the same bold vision that we have. 

Villa De Prestigio, Bali, Indonesia

Villa De Prestigio is a pair of tropical luxury villas located in Bali, Indonesia. The team at YWA was engaged to transform what was originally an old private house into a holiday home away from home destination. The entire property had to undergo major re-planning due to the change in requirement and function of the spaces. As the property had to now serve as a holiday resort, we had to plan the user experience and revised intended spatial relationships. The team at YWA managed to carry out a site recce just before the global pandemic hit and lockdowns were introduced. 

The project endeavored throughout the restrictions that were imposed both in Singapore where YWA was based and in Bali where the resort was located. Through these challenges we are proud to say that our project management protocols have kept the co-ordination going and achieved good progress through communicating digitally. When Covid restrictions were finally lifted, the team was able to fly back in to Bali to carry out the final stage of styling before the resort received there first guests. 

Our approach was to respect the local culture and create an experience where their patrons would be whisked away and immersed in a specially curated environment filled with art and artefacts. Far away from the common tourist favourites, we hit the ground scouting local craftsmen and antique stores to find objects that had a story to tell. Many resorts offer a very polished international experience which some may find common. Crafting a user’s experience as they journey through the spaces that we design is a big part of how we approach and develop our design. Since the opening of the resort, we have received feedback that the visitors have really enjoyed the stay and the efforts put in to the most minute of details. 

Lentor Hills Residences, 2 + Study Showflat Unit

The 2 + Study showflat unit at Lentor Hills Residences were designed with the concept of healthy living in mind. Often, healthy living is associated with fitness and sports; however in this case we wanted to focus on overall healthy living with considerations of rest and relaxation in mind. With this concept at the core of our design, we brought the lush greenery indoors while also playing our little part in re populating our urban city with indoor plants. Timber and warm tones are used generously in this home, providing the connection to nature, re-connecting us with our natural habitat.

Layers and curves are introduced into the design composition with an intent of biomimicry. Like the layers of foliage in the forest, forms take shape in an organic and natural manner.

Midtown Bay 2 Bedroom Showflat Unit

Artful luxury living in an urban jungle, a space one can retreat to and find mellow serenity. Designed for the young urban dwellers, the color palette selected was one of darker, richer yet calming tones. The outcome is an abode with an ambience to wind down and enjoy a re energizing evening. The materials selection here are rich in personality, with natural veins and patterns. The second bedroom is designed to be multi functional with a flip down bed. While the bed is not in use, the space can serve as a work-from-home room or a hobby space for purposes such as reading, yoga or games room.